Na Hoa Holomoku Yacht Club Of Hawaii
September 2009
Pago Pago Tsunami, Sailday Photos, John Myles, DLNR Nonsense, Her Point of Sail, Asylum Update...
August 2009
Hurricane Season, Board News, Sailing 101 photos, Her Point of Sail, Safety Boat Crew Wanted...
July 2009
Our happy 4th of July, Sailday photos, Cruising to Majuro, Terry Larson-Skipper in the Spotlight...
June 2009
Summer Sailing, Her Point of Sail, Melekai's Golden Voyage, Captain Kiko-Skipper in the Spotlight...
May 2009
Faiaoahe's Voyage, Exciting Times, Sailing Photos, Lavonne Stewart-Skipper in the Spotlight...
April 2009
Faiaoahe Arrives from Mexico, Dancer update...
March 2009
Sailing photos, Scuttlebutt, David Beardsley-Skipper in the Spotlight...
February 2009
An Evening of Gratitude, The Wreck of the Horus, Sailing photos...
January 2009
A stormy new year, buying a cruiser, 101 and workday photos, etc...
December 2008
New Commodore's Comments, Holidaay Potluck photos and more...
September 2008
Commodore Comments, Racing Results...
August 2008
The Ingrid 38, "Faiaohe", Private Dancer Update...
March 2008
Sailday pictures, lessons learned on the Kona side...
February 2008
Important info for 2008, sailday and workday pictures...
January 2008
Important info for 2008, sailday and christmas party pictures...
December 2007
Last Paper Issue, new board members, classes, pictures...
November 2007
Private Dancer in Kona, Big Boat Skipper Classes.
October 2007
October Updates
September 2007
September Updates
August 2007
New Newsletter Editors, Dick Cohen-Skipper in the Spotlight
July 2007
Work Day Thanks, Club Site at Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park, Kama'aina Kids, Lots of Photos
June 2007
Work Day Thanks, Volunteers, Bigger Boat Sailing Qualifications and Requirements, Another International Folkboat
May 2007
Work Day Thanks, Volunteers, Hobie 16 "Getaway" skippers, Thank you for the Wharram 23 "Wei Ji"
April 2007
Work Day Thanks, Volunteers, Club Site
March 2007
Work Day Thanks, Club Site at Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park, Sunfish Fiberglass Repair 101
February 2007
Work Day Thanks, Skills Building Race, Mystery of "Windsong"
January 2007
Club Potluck, Sail Days, Yacht Club Site
December 2006
Christmas Party Gift Exchange, News about "Cheers", What's up with the West Wight?
November 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Two West Wight Potters
October 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Donation of 26' Foot Sloop Windsong, Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park - Club Site
September 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Name That Boat Contest
August 2006
Sunfish/Walker Bay Raccing, Racing 101, Folkboat Fund Raising
July 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Name That Boat Contest
June 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Request for Donations to Purchase Cheers
May 2006
West Wight "Makani Kai", Park Update, Sunfish Repair 101
April 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Request for Donations to Purchase Folkboat
March 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Daniel Starsong-Skipper in the Spotlight
February 2006
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Alicia Starsong-Skipper in the Spotlight
January 2006
West Wight Potter 19 Moves, Chyleks and Chylkovas are 2005 Award Winners, Hilo Sailing Org/WWP Sail Day
December 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck
November 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Sunfish Racks & Boxes, Tereza Chylkova Wins September Sunfish Races
September/October 2005
Tereza Chylkova Wins September Sunfish Races, Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park Update
August 2005
Sunfish Racks and Yacht Boxes, Park Update, Culture of Care, Yacht Club and YMCA Sail Days
July 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Jibing and Tacking Diagrams
June 2005
Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park Update, John Luchau-Skipper in the Spotlight, How Can I Sail These Boats?
May 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Step to Qualify to Sail the West Wight Potter
April 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck, West Wight Potter
March 2005
New Yacht Club Site-Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park, Kim Magnuson-Skipper in the Spotlight, What is Hilo Sailing Org?, Fifth Anniversary
February 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck
January 2005
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Letter from John and Maureen Gapp in Thailand
December 2004
Christmas Party, Jon Olson-Skipper in the Spotlight, Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Park, Farewell to Rees-Schotte Family
November 2004
Aloha From Moloka'i-Connie and Richard Messina, News from Barry and Pat Bolln Cruising in Canada
October 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck, News from Barry and Pat Bolln Cruising in Canada
September 2004
Sunfish Volunteers, New Yacht Club Site, John Messina of "Cheers"-Skipper in the Spotlight, Race Memories
August 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck, YMCA and Na Hoa Holomoku Working Together
June 2004
Wailoa Dry Storage-Closes July 1, Ed Ha of the good ship "Pueo"-Skipper in the Spotlight, Name that West Wight Potter
May 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck
April 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck
March 2004
NHH and YMCA Host Sunfish State Championship, Roy and Allie Forbes-Skippers in the Spotlight, Sail Training Vessel "Irving Johnson" in Hilo
February 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Recognized as Official Sunfish Fleet, Kealakekua Bay Rescue
Jaunuary 2004
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Christmas Parade Pictures, Christmas Party Pictures, Award Results
December 2003
Early Winter Storm, Commodore Larry Peck-Skipper in the Spotlight, Fall 2003 Sailng Season Photos
November 2003
Monthly Sail & Potluck, Boat Ramp News
October 2003
Barry Bolln Annual Hands Across the Island Invitational and Potluck
September 2003
Reeds Bay Property, Nick Rees-Skipper in the Spotlight, August Supplement
June 2003
Reeds Bay Property, New Club Sunfish, Sunfish Maintenance, Barry and Pat Bolin of "Pacific Voyager"-Skipper in the Spotlight
May 2003
Potluck, Garage Sale, Sunday Workday
April 2003
Potluck, Garage Sale, Star Gypsy Seals the Show
March 2003
Yacht Club/YMCA "Sailing Season" a Grand Success, Naupaka, Yacht Club Site, Club History
February 2003
From our Commodore, From Nick
January 2003
Learn to Sail, Third Place in Christmas Parade, Another Rescue
Volume 3, Issue 4 - Dec 2002
Commodore's Corner, All Women!, Notes from YMCA, Recommended Bylaw Changes
Volume 3, Issue 3 - Aug 2002
Naupaka, The French's Blue Sailing, Commodore's Corner, Sailing Daze
Volume 3, Issue 2 - Apr 2002
Boating Emergency Reponse Team, Racing News, Flying Clound on the Rocks
Volume 3, Issue 1 - Jan 2002
Christmas Party, Annual Membership Meeting
Volume 2, Issue 12 - Dec 2001
Instructor Candidates Prepare for Kawaihae
Volume 2, Issue 11 - Nov 2001
Mooring Alert, 500 yard security zone, New Moon Regatta
Volume 2, Issue 10 - Oct 2001
Equinox Race
Volume 2, Issue 9 - Sep 2001
Father and Son Sail the Kona Coast, Calendar of Events, Shipmate News
Volume 2, Issue 8 - Aug 2001
Voyage of the "Feathered Serpent III"
Volume 2, Issue 7 - Jul 2001
A Wake Up Call, Fishing Tournament, Club Officer Bios
Volume 2, Issue 6 - Jun 2001
Cinco de Mayo Regatta, Yacht Club/YMCA Partnership
Volume 2, Issue 5 - May 2001
Starting line tips, Yacht Club/YMCA, The Engine Quits, Kona Sailing Club
Volume 2, Issue 4 - Apr 2001
Boating Emergency Response Team
Volume 2, Issue 3 - Mar 2001
Na Hoa Holomuku's first regatta!, Regatta Photo Gallery, BERT is formed
Volume 2, Issue 2 - Feb 2001
Beware of February wind and surge. Dinghy Delights by John Luchau
Volume 2, Issue 1 - Jan 2001
Officers and directors elected
Volume 1, Issue 1 - Dec 2000
New club formed for Hilo sailors and boaters